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For the Best New York Wedding Bands Music – Call IGMC at 212-765-8714

For the Best New York Wedding Bands Music – Call IGMC at 212-765-8714

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Bands New York – Call IGMC at 212-765-8714THIS IS THE BEST VIDEOS GALLERY FOR WEDDING BANDS EVER! This videos gallery is the most extensive, high detail and comprehensive video gallery of top dance and wedding bands in the country! Notice that this IGMC Videos Gallery of Top Wedding Bands and Orchestras in New York and New Jersey and surrounding territories, has more videos of more songs and a bigger variety of styles and demonstrations than any other music company in the entire country. We have gone to the ends of the earth to show you all the different styles of music that we can perform, and for your comfort and ease, you can see these demonstrations in your home at any hour of the day that suits you, at your convenience! There is video and film footage live at numerous weddings and corporate events as we strive to show you, as much as possible, our bands in a live performance in all sorts of events, parties and weddings. We have over fifty video samples for each and every band, building upon our video library every weekend as the parties happen! We feature all the top song requests for weddings and parties with these top dance bands and show you live parties and how people are reacting and enjoying themselves with IGMC’s top talent and performers. IGMC provides more dancing on the entire East Coast than any other band company. IGMC brings parties to life! Each wedding video is exceptional, one exceeding the next! IGMC is the only company in the country that has anything like it. Please scroll down and play the variety of videos and see these Top New York Wedding Musicians, Bands and Orchestras performing live for countless weddings and corporate special events and private parties. Wedding Bands by IGMC Online Video Showcase IGMC has the ultimate Wedding Band Online Video Showcase on the Internet! Shop around the internet, in New York City, in Long Island, in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Paris, London, LA, PA, Washing DC and check for yourself! Our video presentation is the most comprehensive and all inclusive online video showcase anywhere and we are so very proud of our work! We are the only company that cares enough about YOU to take the time and willing to make the investment to make sure that YOU can sit in the comfort of your home and see the band that YOU WANT, when you want to see them and in detail, close up, exactly how people are responding to your band and what they are like live at a party. This is so very important to the success of your event and for YOUR HAPPINESS with your entertainment. You can also search out our numerous videos on Youtube and AOL Final Cut by typing Long Island Wedding Band Video or Westchester Wedding Band Video or you can also type in New York City or Best Manhattan or Best NYC Wedding Band and see all of IGMC Bands Video Demos show up. If you want to hear Big Band, Swing or Sinatra – every band has a sample of this style of music. If you want to hear current dance music, top 40 or the top ten hits on the charts today, every band has a current dance section which we update regularly. If you want to hear an IGMC Band play soul, motown, R&B, funk, disco, rock or country, each IGMC Band as a section on their video featuring those style of music! If you want to hear love songs, ballads, standards, jazz and all sorts of oldies, you can scroll through the band’s videos and see samples of everything. And we have live auditions and shows too! IGMC BANDS  BEST New York Wedding Bands Ever! The Next Wedding Band LIVE SHOWS & AUDITIONS EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8:30pm in the Bronx! EVERY THURSDAY at 8pm in Midtown Manhattan EVERY OTHER FRIDAY at 10:30pm on the West Side in NYC! Call to reserve your seats! 201-836-6085     or    212-765-8714 Seating is limited at our very private and exclusive Bridal Shows,      Live Band Showcases so make sure you call us right away! BEST NEW YORK WEDDING BAND VIDEOS by IGMC IGMC Wedding Bands have played weddings for famous celebrities and well known politicians, tv personalities, writers, artists, musicians and superstars! IGMC’s BANDs and musicians have also been featured on Broadway in IGMC’s MIRACLE ON Broadway show for Stago International Medical Equipment and Software Company 25th Anniversary Bash for which Iris Gillon, the composer, won accolades of incredible reviews and overwhelming positive happy recipients for the original Broadway Musical that she composed for this company. NY / MANHATTAN DANCE BANDS VIDEO GALLERY by IGMC IGMC Bands play live showcases three times per week and you can also see videos in person, or view over the phone in a virtual appointment if you can’t make it to a live show. Seating is limited at our live shows, and it is crucial that you call way in advance to get us to save you a seat. For more information and to set up an appointment to meet us for a private discussion about your needs or to attend one of our wedding band showcases or exclusive bridal shows in Manhattan or NJ, please call Iris at 201-836-6085  or 212-765-8714 . TOP NYC Wedding Bands for Corporate Events & Parties by IGMC IGMC bands are the creme-de-la-creme of New York Wedding Bands and Orchestras! IGMC showcases on this video page, the absolute top Top-40 Dance Bands that specialize in playing the top-10 hits from all eras of music from 1920 till today. IGMC NY Wedding Bands are also respected as the very the Best NYC Band and orchestras for parties, dances, weddings and corporate events, anniversaries, corporate galas, picnics, Bar Mizvahs, birthday parties and more. IGMC is well known, especially in Manhattan, for Excellence, Experience, Enthusiasm and Expertise! The Long Island area is not too far and may of IGMC Bands actually – the musicians live on Long Island, so some bands prefer to perform in and around Long Island, Queens, The Bronx, and Westchester. Many IGMC Bands live in the Northern New Jersey area so this is very accommodating for the NJ Catering halls and venues, especially at the Castle or the Bank or at any of the Frungillo properties, Rockleigh Country Club, the Pleasantdale Chateau, the Palace at Somerset or at any of the other Northern Jersey High End Events Venues.  IGMC bands are first choice over all other bands that perform in the tri-state area for corporate parties, corporate dinners, big bash fundraisers and more.IGMC Bands are top request New York Corporate Party Bands, and NY and NYC Special Events Dance Bands by IGMC are performing several hundred events, dances and parties every year, IGMC Bands are the leaders in this industry. For NYC’s, NJ’s and Manhattan’s most Excellent Entertainment and Party-Dancing good times, call an IGMC Band for all your dancing and party, or wedding needs. While NYC Weddings are our specialty, LI Weddings and Events are welcome as well. IGMC’s main office is very close to Westchester so parties around the GW Bridge are exceptionally close by! ————————————————————————————————————— IGMC is masterful and producing amazingly fun and fabulous Parties and Celebrations and Banquets with dancing, Brooklyn and Bronx Special Events and Dances, and all sorts of really wonderful Events, Bar and Bat Mizvahs that are top notch quality. The Very BEST NY BANDS VIDEOS GALLERY for DANCING HIGH ENERGY SPECIAL EVENTS For 23 years (as of 2012), IGMC Bands are first choice and by far the most popular and favorite dance bands at all of the local events venues, catering halls, wedding and events catering facilities and corporate events venues around the area, especially in NYC, Manhattan, Long Island, all burroughs and in New York city. Regardless if you are planning a special events dinner dance, or an important corporate gala or banquet, business meeting or company holiday party, IGMC events entertainment packages are the most entertaining, the most fun and the most special that you can obtain in the area. If you are coordinating an intimate elegant wedding, or a rock-out wedding or party bash with several hundred or even several thousand guests, an IGMC BAND or IGMC Events Entertainment Package, will always surpass all expectations! Remember, with IGMC Bands, our motto is EXCELLENCE! ENTHUSIASM! EXPERTISE! EXPERIENCE! THE FIVE “E” words get you to IGMC! FOR THE BEST LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! EXCELLENCE! ENTHUSIASM! EXPERTISE! EXPERIENCE! CHOOSE IGMC! You can hire IGMC Band or small orchestra or musical ensemble starting with a jazz or classical trio, and then a small rock, soul or dance band of 4-5 musicians all the way to fifteen, twenty or even more musicians for special gala events. So an IGMC musical ensemble can be two musicians, or a group of a hundred musicians, bands and entertainers, comedians, celebrity impersonators or look-a-likes, hosts, hostesses, actual celebrities as well! IGMC also is a professional design, decorating, lighting, special and unique glass centerpieces and specializes in fabulous ambient and intelligent lighting systems that we can add onto your wedding or events package depending on your needs, dreams, desire and style of your event. TOP NY WEDDING ORCHESTRAS & BANDS IGMC’s top New York Wedding Bands and Best NY Wedding Orchestras, consist of the most talented musicians and entertainers in the area. These musical groups can shrink or expand according to the size of your guest list and your event budget.  IGMC Bands love performing for private and special events and we make sure that every party is memorable and full of charm, sophistication, fun, happiness and delight.